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As an experienced interior architect/designer with a decade of expertise, I thrive on crafting bespoke spaces that captivate and inspire. But my passion goes far beyond that—I am an ardent advocate of bringing unique kitchen and bath design to all who share my love of cooking and entertaining. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than attentively listening to my clients' visions for their homes and transforming those dreams into functional designs

detailed with stunning finishes.

From the initial plan, until the final element is put into place, I am here to assist you in navigating the journey and be your advocate in the building process. I am humbled by amazing clients like Jessica, who trust the process. 

“Her knowledge helped guide us in decisions we would not have thought to make in terms of efficient configuration down to the smallest details by truly understanding how we wanted to use the space.”

Embracing challenges is my forte. I relish intricate layouts and tricky design puzzles and navigating the complexities they present. I possess an experienced understanding of the hurdles that come with limited living spaces and possess a keen ability to optimize every precious square inch. But I leave nothing to chance. Detailed plans, layouts, and excellent communication skills with all of the people involved in a project a vitally important to me and will ensure the successful execution of the final creative vision. 

My qualifications in kitchen and bath design are an important consideration for potential clients—I proudly hold certifications from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), and I am a Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP) professional, dedicated to fostering accessibility, comfort, and safety in every home I design. 

Hailing originally from Germany and having resided in both the beautiful Côte d'Azur and the vibrant city of Paris for six years, my design aesthetic is infused with European flair! I bring a wealth of cultural influences to my work. 

While my roots may trace back to Europe, my husband and I have proudly made Boulder our home, raising two remarkable daughters amidst the breathtaking beauty of Colorado.

Ute is a visionary design professional certified and with multiple design awards. She brings international design, clarity in communication and her unique European perspective. Ute's ability to hear to what her clients would most love in their home and to make that dream a reality sets her apart from her peers. We collaborated Ute to update our original 20+ year old kitchen and powder room.

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