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We believe good design is for everyone! We are authentic, enthusiastic, genuine, and, most of all, creative! We are also organized, dependable, and methodical. We believe in frequent, straightforward communication to ensure realistic expectations are set and achieved.

Each project has its unique challenges, but we will guide you through the renovation process to minimize your stress. We will work with you from the initial planning stage right through to the successful installation. We have a proven history of being an effective communicator and liaison between our clients and the myriad of skilled professionals required to complete each project. We coordinate with general contractors, builders, architects, and tradespeople to ensure the agreed design is executed according to the approved drawings, selections, and scope of work.

Whether you need to start with a consultation for a single room or are ready for a whole house renovation, we are happy to discuss your project!


We deliver complete sets of to-scale detailed drawings, including as-built, proposed, mechanical, electrical, and furniture plans, elevations, and renderings from a single room to entire houses. For you to visualize the proposed design, we are sending you an interactive 3D model that you can view from your computer or phone!

We work with homeowners, contractors, and peer designers.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where family and friends gather! We design kitchens to maximize both functionality and style. Whether working with a small or large space, we will design innovative solutions to improve flow, provide storage and create a space you will love to share.


Creating a bathroom that reflects your style and provides comfort requires careful planning and attention to detail. We incorporate elements that cater to your preferences to create a functional, luxurious space tailored to an elevated personal experience.


As a Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP), Ute is committed to creating designs that facilitate your needs without compromising the visual effect. We can

incorporate safety measures flawlessly into the design without disrupting the overall aesthetic.


Cabinetry and Custom Built-Ins

We will work with you to procure the right products. This could mean a quick ship or highly customized cabinets for every room in the house. Whether your project involves the kitchen, bath, basement, library, home office, mud room, lounge, or bedroom, you name it; we can get the perfect cabinetry.

Materials and Finishes

The details can be overwhelming. We will work with you to consider all the elements of your design:

Countertops, Hardware, Tile, Plumbing, Lighting, Paint, Furniture, Flooring, Wallpaper


Do you need a second set of eyes on your project or need guidance before getting started? Contact us for:

Architectural Collaboration and Plan Reviews

A design review with a certified Kitchen and Bath Designer can turn your good design into one that you absolutely love!

Consultations, whether it's a DIY project or not

We can provide one on one design help when you need it.

Project Management

Every project has challenges, but good project management makes a tremendous positive difference. A realistic schedule with appropriate milestones can help identify and prevent errors, especially when multiple subcontractors are involved. If a challenge arises on a project, the designer will save you time while dealing with the obstacle and can help prevent the heartache of making a bad decision.